My Improved Grocery Trip

The past 4 weeks have been very pleasing to me! I have found ways to avoid plastic packaging and stick to no bags, recyclable, box board or my own recyclable/cloth bags. I shop at my local Bulk Barn and Grocery store, Sobey’s. Occasionally Wal-Mart and Summerside Butcher Shop.  I would like to expand to our local Farmers Market!

Here is how I am doing now.

Produce with no plastic
Carrots, beans, tomatoes, lettuce and apples
Berries and fruit
The kids and I love berries! plastic containers, but at least they are recyclable! We do have a blueberry bush and a Mulberry tree. Someday I want a big patch of berries, different varieties. Maybe an apple orchard too! Depending on what everybody eats. There are 7 of us! ☺

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cucumer (not wrapped in plastic) and a single red onion, no mesh wrapping for a bunch of them!
Bulk Barn take in
Almonds, pistachios, cashews, choc. Covered almonds, some candy treats for kids, gummy worms, garlic powder, chocolate chips, rice, summer savory, recently bought ground coffee.
Some items need packaging improvement
Sometimes we are just stuck with plastic.

Popcorn (switching back to our popcorn maker and seeds, last boxed stuff), pads (looking for a change) kraft dinner (don’t eat much of this)
Meat and hotdogs
















Bacon and sandwich meats
Recyclable packaging
Clothes hangers, the recycle label is there, small, but there! Check them over if you are tossing!
Canola oil, vinegar, cooking oil, popcorn seeds, and curry sauce
Milk and chip dip
Yogurt drinks






















All I did to start, was to choose a recyclable container or boxboard over waste plastic. Next was to purchase them singly or with my own containers or light cloth bags. This means to switch brands sometimes or look for a larger quanity of that item. For example, Cashmere toilet paper. The small packages (12) are packaged in waste plastic but larger quanities (24+) are packaged in recyclable plastic!) Reuse containers and mason jars!

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