Carpet freshener

Once in a while I will buy the Arm an Hammer carpet deodorizer to freshen up the carpet areas in the home, though I know baking soda does the same thing and that is the basic ingredient in the store bought product. Why waste my money on that?  Its not too often I think about using baking soda as I have not had an easy way of putting it down on the carpets without getting it in clumps. I also did not put much thought into it, until today. Now I got lots of ideas besides the one I put into action today.

First, I soaked the bottle upside down in a bowl of hot water just passed the cover to expand the plastic. After about 3 minutes, I pried the cap off with a flat end screw driver. Though, a narrow edged spoon did the trick later when I tried a second time.

Next was to rinse and remove any leftover baby powder and let it dry. To speed up the process I took a clean face cloth and a wooden spoon. I used the wooden spoon to insert the cloth into the bottle and stirred it around to absorb moisture. Did the job just fine! I used 1/2 a tsp to put in the baking soda, though a funnel would have been good too. I recommend filling the bottle 1/2 way or 2/3rd’s.  The baking soda does not just pour out like the baby powder. I good shake up and down gets the baking soda flowing out easily.


The cover pops back on nice and tight like before. It sprinkled out nicely over the carpet and was easy to vacuum up unlike the clumpy mess I used to make.




I wet a cloth with nail polish remover (accetone) and laid it on the container for 5 minutes to wash the label off.  Here is my finished project.

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