My Produce Bag

I have been trying to find and use the right produce bag for grocery shopping. Something light weighted, reusable, washable and durable. I thought about compost bags, but that was a no go as they are not listed as food approved. Pillow cases, but they are much too big! I checked out Amazon and they had a great selection! I had my eyes set on some. Hummed and hawwed, thinking I probably should not have to go buy these.  So I let it go for more thought.

The other day my husband and son, Jack, went looking in the linen closet for an exploration Jack wanted. Chris found his old green duffle bag and much to his surprise found nothing of his inside. Just some old sheets and curtains. I later cleaned out the bag and found some old white rod pocket curtains that used to hang on this house when we bought it, nearly 10 years ago. I knew I kept those for a reason! I just did not know what for back then.

My thoughts were to use these for my produce bags. Though, my sewing skills are very . . . tiny! I’ve put things back together, not pretty though. Haha. I don’t have a sewing machine, so I knew if I did it, it would be by hand. After watching a video or two I gained confidence.

So I cut the fabric to length I thought would be good, keeping the top piece as my drawstring pocket. I started to sew up one side, but realized I had the whole fabric folded wrong and would end up with the seam on the good side. Undo and redo. Then a few times my thread would get tangles or I would sew wrong etc. . .






After 5 tries and 2.5 hours, I had my first bag!


I added a 3′ braided drawstring (yarn) through the pocket, and I was finished! Yay! I do want to add some decoration and colour, but that will come to me in time!  It weighs 26 grams/0.027kg.  I can’t wait to use it tonight and make more.

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