Managing Our Waste

I have been trying my best to recycle and properly dispose garbage items properly for quite some time now. We are a large family of 7. I would say we go through a lot of household/family products.

Just this year, Waste Watch Management released an article about garbage disposal and recycling, how well our island is doing and how we can still do better. I like hearing how we can do better, as there is always room for improvement.

So I turned up the heat for my household. I make sure I rinse my recyclables well, actually scrape out and wash food jars (peanut butter). From reading the article that I mentioned earlier, food left in containers will contaminate the whole load of recyclables during processing. All that work gone to the landfill. I remove all covers and even the plastic ring found under the cover that usually stays behind. I check everything before I put it in the waste bin for a recyclable symbol. Furthermore, I am paying attention to the items I buy. If the product is in plastic I try to find the same item in recyclable packaging or even boxboard/cardboard/paper. For produce, I don’t use the little thin bags anymore. Bringing recyclable bags for shopping, or just carry the item(s) after purchasing helps put a stop to plastic bags (even though most are recyclable, it helps to not have to add them to the pile).

This day in our area was waste and blue bag pickup. Our waste bin was 3/4 full. Pretty good I think. That was approximately 1 bag a day (that was my aim). We also have 1 child in diapers. I sent out 3 bags of recyclables and 1 bag of paper. I think we can still do better! The main reason the garbage can gets empty is because of odors. So, by rincing out packages (meat) there is nothing to get smelly. That is my goal for the week. Make sure the garbage bag is very full before getting taken out to the waste bin.

I am just going along the best I can and doing what I think is right. If we can improve our garbage disposal it will make a big difference.


Update, August 15th, 2018

Waste bin collection day: 4 garbage bags instead of 14ish, 2 diaper bags, 2 blue bags, cardboard and a small bag of paper. I cancelled our flyers today as well, less paper to toss out! Most flyers are availabe online anyways, and I really only look at two or three.

Update, October 24th, 2018

Waste bin collection day: 3 garbage bags. 2 blue bags. 1 paper bag 2 months worth. Cardboard.

Update, February 1, 2019

Waste cart has not been picked up since Dec 19, 2018. Will probably go out Feb 13th. That will total 8 weeks to fill the waste cart.

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