October 2018 Comparison

Last weekend, October 13th, I took notes of regular prices per 100g comparing Sobey’s and Bulk Barn. I like to compare once in a while just to make sure the price is right shopping at Bulk Barn. This is just a partial of what I would buy.

Dollar per 100g at Bulk Barn
Dollar per 100g at Sobey’s
Party Mix
Hot Chocolate
Popcorn Kernels
Peanut Butter
Baking Soda
Dark Brown Sugar
Ground Black Pepper
Black Pepper Balls
Dark Chocolate Chips
Milk Chocolate Chips
Large Rolled Oats

As you can see, some items are more expensive at Bulk Barn, but overall, there is a lot of savings! Also on the plus side is the fact that individuals can avoid plastic packaging. Even more so recyclable packaging too. The cost and amount of energy to recycle plastics is too much. Sometimes the plastics can not be processed due to unforeseen circumstances. Less garbage and less recyclables is a good thing! Not to mention box board. single use compostable, but it takes a lot of energy to produce them. Cardboard too, takes energy and resources to break them down and turn into something new.

Package free when possible! DIY when possible! Share ideas and solutions with others.

Bulk Barn carries so much. My local store does anyways, and I know there are bigger Bulk Barns and also different types of Bulk stores. My local store carries treats, candy, chocolate, baking needs, dried fruit, nuts, rice of all sorts and beans. Spices, sprinkles, coffee, tea and pasta. Dog food and dog treats as well as bird seed. They have soaps and shampoo bars, soap nuts and washing soda. Honey, Butters and coconut oil. cereals, oats and other grains. There are so many options!! I find our shopping list is small and not a whole lot of variety, but I would like to grow it and let this package free option help me along the way!

Coming soon is a list of other grocery products comparing prices to what we used to purchase to what we purchase now trying to go with no packaging or recyclable packaging.

DIY Tomato Paste.

I found another recipe to try. Honeyed Tomato Paste, from The Zero-Waste Chef.

I made a half recipe (or tried).

I weighed 4 lbs of tomatoes, sliced an X and blanched them for 30 seconds. Peeled the skin and removed the seeds.

Put the cleaned tomatoes in a pot with olive oil and cooked on medium heat for 40 minutes. I added the tomatoes juice from the peelings and seeds. Of course, Jack wanted to watch and help if he could!

Once they cooked down, I put them through my food processor. Looked very much like tomato sauce at this point!

Here is where I went wrong. Instead of adding half of the ingredients, I added the full amounts. Salt, honey and bay leaves. I did not realize it until it was simmering for 45 minutes.

After it was done simmering, I put the sauce in a shallow pan. Set the timer for 3 hours and stirred every 20 minutes. This picture is 90 minutes in.

Done baking! Yahoo! Looks good!

My batch made .75 cup of tomato paste.

Had I put in the half amount of salt, honey and bay leaf, this would have been absolutely yummy!!! Even with the extra honey and bay leaf. BUT the extra salt ruined it! I can taste the flavour besides the salt and it is delicious! Too bad!

Maybe I can make a new batch and not add any of those ingredients, then mix that one and this one together?

Today was so worth it, I will be making more! Now, I need to find tomatoes locally!

Mending a Broken Slipper

Thomas brought me his slippers yesterday and the side and back were blown out! Poor fellow did not know what to think of it and loves these slippers! They are in great condition besides this blow out considering his older brother Jack wore them all last year.

I immediately thought that I could not throw them away. At a different time I probably would have!  How I have changed!

I looked At the stitching to see now it was put together in the first place. I am very new at sewing let alone repairs! I seen what I needed to be done and so this day I tackled it.

I noticed the “knobs” of thread, and the old thread was actually pulled through those. I tied my thread to the end of the old one and secured it.

I stitched all around to the other side and secured my thread to the broken one. Pulled tight and finished.

Not perfect but fixed for more wear!!! I am proud of what I accomplished!


I crocheted this blanket for Chris. Super long to fit him, over 6 feet in length.
I crocheted this blanket for myself. Super long, over 6 feet.
His and Hers
Couldn’t help but get this guy in!